Decent terminal font

I haven’t been able to find a good replacement for Monaco for use as a terminal font on OS X.

try figuring this one out with bleary eyes
try figuring this one out with bleary eyes

My personal favourite terminal font, neep alt isn’t readily useable from OS X.

None of the Proggy fonts are as clean as Monaco, although Proggy Tiny 11 comes close.

  • lower-case “a” should be double-storey, so it doesn’t look anything like lower-case “o”
  • zero “0” should be slashed
  • lower-case “l” should have a serif on the bottom like lower-case “t”, and not look like numeral “1” or upper-case “I”.
  • upper-case “U” and “V” differ by at least 7 pixels
  • gentle curves rather than blocky rectangles, please

It’s disappointing that Monaco can get so much right and get lower-case “a” wrong. Still, if anyone wants to port neep alt to a format OS X and iTerm can handle (even if it’s only at 13pt semicondensed)… I tried once with fontforge but it was pretty broken.