Software Projects

Climbing Ratings is an implementation of the Whole-History Rating algorithm (a dynamic Bradley-Terry model, like Elo chess ratings) for estimating route difficulty and climber performance ratings for rock climbing.

Dudders is a DNS UPDATE client I wrote because BIND’s wouldn’t fit on my WRT54GL router.

displaymode is a command-line utility for changing the display resolution on Mac OS X.

Some small scripts/hacks, mainly for my own use, that others might find useful:

I’ve contributed to a few others, including:

  • The nasm package for Cygwin, a GNU environment for Windows
  • cnet3, a network simulator for research and education
  • libgcrypt, the crypto library used by GnuPG
  • Docktalk, an XMPP/jabber client for Windows mobile (.NET-based) platforms
  • A 3rd party console enhancement for windows
  • The xelerance L2TP daemon.
  • xmms2, the cross-platform music client/server architecture

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