Muxic Beta 2, XMMS2 0.6 Macport

I finally got around to updating Muxic to the new xmms2-0.6DrMattDestruction API. There were a few changes to the xmms2 clientlib that needed attention.

While I was doing this, I noticed that the xmms2 CF clientlib isn’t just superficially unusable, but will rev up your CPU something awful if the xmms2d drops its connection after registration of the clientlib CF runloop event source. It needs a shutdown function, and that shutdown function needs some connection-specific CF variables from the init function. Hence we can’t use the API in its current state (unless there’s some way to inject mainloop-specific state into the xmmsc_connection_t that I don’t know about).

I’ve reported it and presented a patch as XMMS2 bug #2232, but essentially it means that the libxmmsclient-cf that currently comes with xmms2 is very bugged.

Update: patch accepted into xmms2-devel.git.

Since macports haven’t updated their port of xmms2, here is my xmms2 @0.6DrMattDestruction portfile. I would have liked to support variants, but whenever I add my own –with-optionals or –with-plugins options to waf configure, the build breaks with link errors. This happens even when I copy the exact list that waf configure automagically selects without arguments. I haven’t figured out why this is, and trying to trace the internals of waf is a bitch.

Anyway, presenting Muxic Beta 2, source code available in the Muxic git repository as usual.

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