Muxic beta 1

I have Muxic, my music player for Mac OS X, working to the point that it’s suitable for public consumption. There are still features to be added, but the basic previous/play/pause/stop/next stuff is working.

Caveats: it’s built against the macports xmms2 0.5 DrLecter, installed with the default prefix “/opt/local”, against the Mac OS X 10.5 SDK. Download and try the Muxic 1.0 Beta 1 binary, or check out the Muxic source with git:

git clone

Muxic – Minimal XMMS2 client for Mac OS X

XMMS2 is cool. In my experience, its architecture does everything The Right Way, and their support tools (git, mantis, mediawiki, doxygen-generated documentation) are all modern.

The clientlib is good enough that clients (frontends) can be very lightweight. FWICS there are some good Qt and GTK based clients that would probably run fine on OS X, if you can be bothered getting them and their dependencies working.

Even then, other Qt and GTK based applications I have on scud always feel slightly out of place (or very out of place for those using X11). There were no Cocoa/Application Kit based GUIs on the old clientlist. I set out to create a Cocoa UI.

I like Winamp Classic’s UI; it is functional and compact, especially in windowshade mode. If you are used to the keyboard shortcuts (and they make a lot of sense with a QWERTY keyboard), you don’t need huge buttons.

Hence I made a client with similar minimalism, without trying to be Winamp-skin-compatible. I’m quite happy to use the CLI and other clients for managing the media library, but for something that’s sitting on my desktop all the time I wanted small, and I wanted it to fit in with OS X. It’s got Growl support too!

Muxic Desktop screenshot
Introducing: Muxic.

Muxic is a minimal user interface to XMMS2. It should be ready for a release soon, meanwhile you can browse the Muxic source.

Unclean macports gettext upgrade

An innocent port upgrade -uc outdated turned into macports breakage after it tried to deactivate gettext. The error messages, ad infinitum, are:

--->  Deactivating gettext @0.17_3
Error: Deactivating gettext 0.17_3 failed:
Error: Unable to upgrade port: dyld: Library not loaded:
  Referenced from: /opt/local/bin/ln
  Reason: image not found
Error: Unable to exec port: dyld: Library not loaded:
  Referenced from: /opt/local/bin/ln
  Reason: image not found

The reason is that I have the coreutils+with_default_names port installed, and those binaries link to the gettext libraries. The coreutils binaries are used by the macports activation scripts, and the macports coreutils are earlier on the PATH. Cue breakage.

The solution, as explained on macports-users, is:

  • Add a binpath to macports.conf that has the (presumably working) Apple coreutils in /usr/bin and /bin before the macports ones
  • port deactivate coreutils
  • port deactivate gettext
  • port activate gettext
  • port activate coreutils