Apache 304 and mod_deflate revisited

Last year I commented on how mod_deflate breaks the cache validation model. Essentially the problem has been addressing two issues:

So in January 2008, a change was committed to fix #39727, which introduced #45023. Now in April this year, it was reversed to fix #45023. I agree with the priorities here; no caching is much worse for web performance.

As Roy Fielding pointed out the correct way to deal with this issue is to stop abusing Content-Encoding for performance-compression and start using Transfer-Encoding; pity browsers and HTTP servers haven’t got there yet.

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4 Responses to “Apache 304 and mod_deflate revisited”

  1. virtualeyes says:

    Hey there, late to the party, January 2013, but the issue persists.

    Apache 2.4 deflate + etag = NO 304 response.

    Did you find a workaround? Assume not, I have scoured the net for past 2 hours and have come up empty handed.

    Shame, gzip + 304 combo is a serious nice-to-have…

  2. r0b says:

    Could this be solved using Last-Modified instead of ETag? Or would that still make caches store the uncompressed content before GZIP is applied?

  3. Matija says:

    Yes, you can use “FileETag None” (or better “DeflateAlterETag NoChange” if your apache is new enough) to disable Etag (always, or only in GZIP problematic cases)

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