RFC 3825 Geolocation Generation Tool

This is an OLD version of the tool. Please see the updated RFC 6225 Geolocation Generation Tool. This page will redirect there automatically after 10s.

This tool generates a DHCP Option containing Location Configuration Information (LCI, often referred to as geolocation data) according to RFC 3825. This tool makes it easier to generate the binary format data that the DHCP Option requires. Even though not all DHCP servers support RFC 3825 directly, many do have a means of including the data in a "raw" format for their responses.

This software is written in HTML and Javascript and should work in any browser with Javascript enabled. It is Copyright 2010 Dean Scarff. You can read more on my blog about this geolocation tool's development.

Please note that Google Maps is not survey-grade; GPS data should be preferred particularly if you are asserting low errors.

You can express the degrees in degrees-minutes-seconds notation rather than decimal; use a space or ° after the degrees, an apostrophe (') after the minutes, and a quote (") after the seconds.