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masteradd islam population data to secondary reportDean Scarff13 years
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2007-03-12add islam population data to secondary reportHEADmasterDean Scarff
2007-03-12fix F-statistic reporting for second-stage regressionsDean Scarff
2007-03-12make gather.rb more robustDean Scarff
2007-03-12add islam by country dataDean Scarff
2007-03-09add report descriptions to READMEDean Scarff
2007-03-09improve README phrasingDean Scarff
2007-03-07add secondary regression processing and reportsDean Scarff
2007-03-07fix bibliography typoDean Scarff
2007-03-07extend geography dataDean Scarff
2007-03-05add significance asterisks to primary reportDean Scarff