BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
fix-check-responseUpdate DNS UPDATE response checkDean Scarff8 years
masterRelease: 1.04.Dean Scarff9 years
dudders-1.04commit 63321d815e...Dean Scarff9 years
dudders-1.03commit 4dd05b2907...Dean Scarff10 years
dudders-1.02commit 1360102e68...Dean Scarff12 years
dudders-1.01commit a9034e037b...Dean Scarff12 years
dudders-1.00commit 1d3b865f55...Dean Scarff12 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2010-08-18Release: 1.04.HEADdudders-1.04masterDean Scarff
2010-08-16Always initialise the update destination bufferDean Scarff
2010-08-16Allow TCP to be used for the update messageDean Scarff
2010-08-15Include stdint.h for ns_get/ns_putDean Scarff
2010-08-10Check for ECONNREFUSED with res_sendDean Scarff
2010-08-10Rewrite dns_send_addr for [!HAVE_RES_SEND]Dean Scarff
2010-08-10Check and replace RES_DFLRETRY and RES_TIMEOUTDean Scarff
2010-08-09Workaround for glibc ETIMEDOUT in res_sendDean Scarff
2010-08-09Rewrite ns_get* replacementsDean Scarff
2010-08-09Move ns_get* and ns_put* to rpl_nameser.hDean Scarff